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Wedding Favors By Feature

Gifts Your Guests will Love
Weddingstar's exclusive selection of quality guest goodies includes succulent sweets, trendy treasures and all the fun favors in between.

Every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be memorable and whilst the memory of your special day will linger on, giving your guests unique wedding gifts or favors will not only make them think of you when they look at them but it’s also a lovely way to thank them for joining in your celebrations. Many newlyweds choose to thank their guests with an edible favor such as sugared almonds or chocolates but why not let your personalities shine and give them something a little different that they’ll keep for years to come?

Let Your Personality Pop!

Yes, that title is leading somewhere, we promise. It’s leading to gumball machines! You know, those things filled with bubble gum that as kids we were always begging our parents to give us money for. So how about instead of giving your guests a couple of pieces of candy in a paper box, you let them achieve their childhood dreams by giving them their very own gumball dispenser – that way they can chew as much gum and blow as many bubbles as they like!

The Joy of Giving

Not sure that your all of your guests are the gum- chewing, bubble-popping type? Keep it stylish with a cute pair of salt and pepper shakers instead. Or if your friends and family are the types who enjoy a good party, they’ll be bound to be delighted with a bottle opener – now they’ll be able to keep on toasting you long after your special day is over and think about you every time they crack open another beer! And remember, whatever unique wedding gifts you choose, your friends and loved ones are just going to be glad that they were part of the happiest day of your lives.