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Favor Decorations

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So you've found the perfect wedding favor or accessory, but something is still missing. Use Weddingstar's wedding favor decorations to add that extra bit of style. Perfect for all kinds of applications, our wide selection of accents are sure to help complete your ideal wedding favors. Decorations like this are simple and practical options for those who are looking to inject some of their own creativity into the look of their big day.

Wedding favors and decorations are perfect for incorporating any personalized option that you may have selected. For more wedding favor decorations, use our mini wooden clips or various styles of confetti as accents to attach place cards or individual notes. Your attention to detail will show when you present your one of a kind wedding favors. Decorations of numerous styles can be selected to achieve your signature look.

Find the perfect wedding favor decorations for any season. Use our felt flowers or butterflies as spring and summer accents, or try our different snowflakes for winter options. With so many choices, your creativity should only be limited by your ambition. Wedding favor decorations may be a small detail, but their impact certainly isn't.

For novelty, consider Weddingstar's heart, diamond, or large star jewels. Used in containers for filler or individually as a distinct detail, the vibrant quality of these pieces makes them ideal wedding favor decorations. With the light reflecting off them and each table setting complete, these sparkling wedding favor decorations are sure to make a bold first impression.

You can select more elaborate wedding favor decorations for an easy way to enhance your centre pieces or other décor elements. Our hand painted butterflies or mini bouquets are perfect for elaborating on individual place cards, gift bags, or boxes. Wedding favors and decorations are great because they're details that you can completely customize to your personal taste and style.

With Weddingstar's constantly expanding range of wedding favor decorations, you can take comfort in the fact that it is only getting easier to meet a variety of specific needs. We're all about original wedding favors. Decorations are our specialty. For all those who are looking for do it yourself options, our wedding favor decorations provide you with the materials to create an unforgettable look for your guests. There's no shortage of creative ideas at your fingertips; wedding favors and decorations are a simple addition that will make your special day all the more special.

Beautiful Butterfly Decorative Set
Beautiful Butterfly Decorative Set
as low as $0.80 USD 4 colors
Sparkle Snowflakes in Silver
Sparkle Snowflakes in Silver
as low as $0.33 USD
Hand Painted Butterflies
Hand Painted Butterflies
as low as $0.83 USD 4 colors
Boat Anchor Charm
Boat Anchor Charm
as low as $0.58 USD
Horse Shoe Charm
Horse Shoe Charm
as low as $0.58 USD
Iridescent Snowflakes
Iridescent Snowflakes
as low as $0.50 USD
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