Weddingstar Introduces New Wedding Love Letter, Wine Box Ceremony Set

Dunmore, Alberta (MarketWire) March 29, 2010 – Weddingstar, Inc., a leading designer, manufacturer and retailer of personalized bridal products and wedding favors, announced today the newest product in their ever evolving and expanding selection of wedding accessories: the Wedding Love Letter, Wine Box Ceremony Set.

A recently introduced alternative to the unity sand or candle ceremony, the wedding love letter ceremony entails the bride and groom writing heartfelt love letters to each other prior to the wedding day. On the day of their wedding, both of the sealed love letters (unread) are placed in a box along with a bottle of wine, two goblets and other mementos.

The wedding officiant explains the box and its contents to wedding guests, clarifying that the box should only be opened should the couple encounter trouble in their marriage or on a predetermined milestone (such as their fifth or tenth wedding anniversary). Once the box is opened the wine is to be enjoyed and the love letters read to remind each other of why they chose to marry.

Witnessed by the guests in attendance, the couple performs the ceremonial "Locking of the Box" to symbolize the commitment they are making to each other. Following the wedding, the decorative box is to be displayed in a prominent place in the couple’s home with the key stored in a safe place so that they can unlock and enjoy the contents at the agreed upon time.

"A lovingly hand written letter is one of the most romantic and sentimental gestures possible, and this very personal form of communication will preserve all the thoughts and emotions that you are experiencing during a very exciting time in your relationship," said a Weddingstar representative. "Reading these letters, you will be reminded of the special things that made you fall in love in the first place, and hopefully it will help to put things back on track and renew your faith and commitment to your marriage and each other."

Weddingstar’s Love Letter, Wine Box Ceremony Set includes: two exclusively designed love letter stationery sets, additional practice note sheets with instructions, suggested ceremony wording, signature tag for wine bottle, two wine goblets, walnut veneer box designed to accommodate a bottle of wine with lock, two keys and a signature tag for the decorative key.

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