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Bridal Shower Accessories

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Whether you’re the maid of honour, a best friend or a sister, throwing a bridal shower is a wonderful way to celebrate a friend or family member’s upcoming wedding - and if you’re responsible for everything from the bridal shower decorations to the guest list then you might be wondering where on earth to start. Throwing a bridal shower is a great excuse for the bride-to-be’s friends and loved ones to get together and spend some time reminiscing about past girly nights out with a couple of glasses of wine. Not that you ever really need an excuse for that…

Bachelorette Party vs. Bridal Shower

Which should you choose? Well there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do both, although to keep your sanity maybe you should let someone else organize the bachelorette party! While a bachelorette party tends to be a wild event involving dodgy coloured cocktails that leave you dry mouthed and bleary eyed the following morning, a bridal shower is a wonderful excuse to dress like a lady and to do grown up things like use napkins.

Creating Sweet Memories

The nice thing about a bridal shower is that it can be more intimate than a bachelorette party and you’ll want your décor to reflect that. So whether you’re planning a romantic picnic style shower with strings of coloured lanterns or you’re going girly with a pretty-in-pink tea party, make sure it’s an event to remember by offering your guests a little gift – you could give them candy or we suggest offering them one of the bridal shower decorations to take home so they have a personal keepsake to treasure forever.