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Burlap Chic Memory Box Wishing Well Cards
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Burlap Chic Memory Box Wishing Well Cards
Burlap Chic Memory Box Wishing Well Cards
Burlap Chic Memory Box Wishing Well Cards
Burlap Chic Memory Box Wishing Well Cards

Burlap Chic Memory Box Wishing Well Cards

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$0.68 USD each
Select a Quantity - (minimum of 24 pieces)
Select a Quantity - (minimum of 24 pieces)
24  ($0.68 USD ea.)$16.32 USD
30  ($0.68 USD ea.)$20.40 USD
36  ($0.68 USD ea.)$24.48 USD
42  ($0.68 USD ea.)$28.56 USD
48  ($0.68 USD ea.)$32.64 USD
54  ($0.68 USD ea.)$36.72 USD
60  ($0.68 USD ea.)$40.80 USD
66  ($0.68 USD ea.)$44.88 USD
72  ($0.68 USD ea.)$48.96 USD
78  ($0.68 USD ea.)$53.04 USD
84  ($0.68 USD ea.)$57.12 USD
90  ($0.68 USD ea.)$61.20 USD
96  ($0.68 USD ea.)$65.28 USD
102  ($0.68 USD ea.)$69.36 USD
108  ($0.68 USD ea.)$73.44 USD
114  ($0.68 USD ea.)$77.52 USD
120  ($0.68 USD ea.)$81.60 USD
126  ($0.68 USD ea.)$85.68 USD
132  ($0.68 USD ea.)$89.76 USD
138  ($0.68 USD ea.)$93.84 USD
144  ($0.68 USD ea.)$97.92 USD
150  ($0.68 USD ea.)$102.00 USD
156  ($0.68 USD ea.)$106.08 USD
162  ($0.68 USD ea.)$110.16 USD
168  ($0.68 USD ea.)$114.24 USD
174  ($0.68 USD ea.)$118.32 USD
180  ($0.68 USD ea.)$122.40 USD
186  ($0.68 USD ea.)$126.48 USD
192  ($0.68 USD ea.)$130.56 USD
198  ($0.68 USD ea.)$134.64 USD
204  ($0.68 USD ea.)$138.72 USD
210  ($0.68 USD ea.)$142.80 USD
216  ($0.68 USD ea.)$146.88 USD
222  ($0.68 USD ea.)$150.96 USD
228  ($0.68 USD ea.)$155.04 USD
234  ($0.68 USD ea.)$159.12 USD
240  ($0.68 USD ea.)$163.20 USD
246  ($0.68 USD ea.)$167.28 USD
252  ($0.68 USD ea.)$171.36 USD
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270  ($0.68 USD ea.)$183.60 USD
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300  ($0.68 USD ea.)$204.00 USD
306  ($0.68 USD ea.)$208.08 USD
312  ($0.68 USD ea.)$212.16 USD
318  ($0.68 USD ea.)$216.24 USD
324  ($0.68 USD ea.)$220.32 USD
330  ($0.68 USD ea.)$224.40 USD
336  ($0.68 USD ea.)$228.48 USD
342  ($0.68 USD ea.)$232.56 USD
348  ($0.68 USD ea.)$236.64 USD
354  ($0.68 USD ea.)$240.72 USD
360  ($0.68 USD ea.)$244.80 USD
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372  ($0.68 USD ea.)$252.96 USD
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384  ($0.68 USD ea.)$261.12 USD
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396  ($0.68 USD ea.)$269.28 USD
402  ($0.68 USD ea.)$273.36 USD
408  ($0.68 USD ea.)$277.44 USD
414  ($0.68 USD ea.)$281.52 USD
420  ($0.68 USD ea.)$285.60 USD
426  ($0.68 USD ea.)$289.68 USD
432  ($0.68 USD ea.)$293.76 USD
438  ($0.68 USD ea.)$297.84 USD
444  ($0.68 USD ea.)$301.92 USD
450  ($0.68 USD ea.)$306.00 USD
456  ($0.68 USD ea.)$310.08 USD
462  ($0.68 USD ea.)$314.16 USD
468  ($0.68 USD ea.)$318.24 USD
474  ($0.68 USD ea.)$322.32 USD
480  ($0.68 USD ea.)$326.40 USD
486  ($0.68 USD ea.)$330.48 USD
492  ($0.68 USD ea.)$334.56 USD
498  ($0.68 USD ea.)$338.64 USD
504  ($0.68 USD ea.)$342.72 USD
510  ($0.68 USD ea.)$346.80 USD
516  ($0.68 USD ea.)$350.88 USD
522  ($0.68 USD ea.)$354.96 USD
528  ($0.68 USD ea.)$359.04 USD
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558  ($0.68 USD ea.)$379.44 USD
564  ($0.68 USD ea.)$383.52 USD
570  ($0.68 USD ea.)$387.60 USD
576  ($0.68 USD ea.)$391.68 USD
582  ($0.68 USD ea.)$395.76 USD
588  ($0.68 USD ea.)$399.84 USD
594  ($0.68 USD ea.)$403.92 USD
600  ($0.68 USD ea.)$408.00 USD
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ITEM # 1236-44

Burlap Chic Memory Box Wishing Well Cards

Combining the rustic appeal of nature and the elegance of by-gone eras, this collection is perfectly suited for vintage-loving brides. The muted hues of this distinct stationery line mimic classic antique charisma and will give guests a sneak peek at the bespoke charm that awaits them at your wedding. Complete with every piece you could need, this collection will carry your theme throughout your big day flawlessly. Let your stationery design run throughout your wedding with these beautiful wishing well cards. They come blank with ample space to accommodate your guests' well wishes — you're sure to cherish each one for years to come! The delicate texture of the paper gives it a great look and feel, and slight printing imperfections — which occur whenever you print on grainy material — lend added charm to every piece.
5" (W) x 5" (H)
Printed with flat print technology on Natural Linen 80 lb. paper
This item must be ordered in multiples of 6
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