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Personalized Wood Veneer Pennants
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Personalized Wood Veneer Pennant
Personalized Wood Veneer Pennant
Personalized Wood Veneer Pennant
Personalized Wood Veneer Pennant
Personalized Wood Veneer Pennant
Personalized Wood Veneer Pennant

Personalized Wood Veneer Pennants

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as low as $2.98 USD $2.24 USD each
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Select a Quantity - (minimum of 6 pieces)
Select a Quantity - (minimum of 6 pieces)
6  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$13.45 USD
12  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$26.90 USD
18  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$40.35 USD
24  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$53.80 USD
30  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$67.25 USD
36  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$80.70 USD
42  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$94.15 USD
48  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$107.60 USD
54  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$121.05 USD
60  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$134.50 USD
66  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$147.95 USD
72  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$161.40 USD
78  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$174.85 USD
84  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$188.30 USD
90  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$201.75 USD
96  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$215.20 USD
102  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$228.65 USD
108  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$242.10 USD
114  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$255.55 USD
120  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$269.00 USD
126  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$282.45 USD
132  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$295.90 USD
138  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$309.35 USD
144  ($2.98 USD $2.24 USD ea.)$322.80 USD
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ITEM # 1231

Personalized Wood Veneer Pennants

These oh-so sweet pennants can be made into a charming bunting banner perfect for rustic, outdoor or shabby chic inspired weddings. Each pennant can be personalized with a single letter or a heart so you can create a phrase that's totally unique to you! The banner will make a fantastic photo prop on your wedding day or use it to announce your wedding date in your engagement photos.
This item is sold in packages of 6
W 3 3/4'' x H 4 1/4''
Wood Veneer
Sold in groupings of 6 pieces
Each pennant can be personalized with a single letter or symbol
Can be used as is or combined with contrasting backers, sold separately
.025? thick Wood Veneer

These pennants are an easy and fun way to add your personal message to your wedding or event. Simply decide on what you want to say - it can be initials, names, a phrase or whatever you like! Once you’ve decided on your message, count the total number of characters (including symbols if desired), and then divide by 6, round up (if necessary) and enter that number in the quantity box. These pennants are sold in groupings of 6 pieces only, so it may be necessary to round up to have the right amount of pennants.

In the example shown, the couple wanted to display the message "IN LOVE" framed with two hearts. That totals 8 pennants, and thus will require 2 packages of 6. (8 pennants divided by 6 = 1.33, round up to 2 packages of 6). The additional pieces can be left blank to use as spacers or could be personalized with more hearts.

Additional banner making accessories such as contrasting backers, twine and mini clothes pins are sold separately. A great project for DIY enthusiasts.

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"I thought this product was much bigger than what it actually was. I also didn't like how there were no holes in order to hang up the pennants. The wood was really thin and felt like it would break easily."

Recommends This Product: no

Cons: Too Small, Not What I Expected
FROM WEDDINGSTAR: "Hi Allison, thank you for the feedback. The product info for weight descriptions can be found on the left hand side of the page under "product details" just click and it will drop down. The wood veneer is approx .025 thick and the picture of the product does not showcase holes as we would suggest attaching the string on the back side of the pennants. However, we are always happy to pass on your feedback to the design team!"

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