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Sea Breeze Water Bottle Label
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Sea Breeze Wedding Water Bottle Label

Sea Breeze Water Bottle Label

write a review ITEM # 1014-13
$0.48 USD each
Select a Quantity - (minimum of 20 pieces)
Select a Quantity - (minimum of 20 pieces)
20  ($0.48 USD ea.)$9.60 USD
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620  ($0.48 USD ea.)$297.60 USD
630  ($0.48 USD ea.)$302.40 USD
640  ($0.48 USD ea.)$307.20 USD
650  ($0.48 USD ea.)$312.00 USD
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670  ($0.48 USD ea.)$321.60 USD
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920  ($0.48 USD ea.)$441.60 USD
930  ($0.48 USD ea.)$446.40 USD
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950  ($0.48 USD ea.)$456.00 USD
960  ($0.48 USD ea.)$460.80 USD
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990  ($0.48 USD ea.)$475.20 USD
1000  ($0.48 USD ea.)$480.00 USD
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ITEM # 1014-13

Personalized Sea Breeze Wedding Water Bottle Label

Delicate spirals in shades of blue and green convey the feeling of a gentle sea breeze. This relaxing collection is the perfect blend of simplicity and unique design.

Give even your water bottles a touch of flair with these specially designed water bottle labels. Pair with other components of the collection for a cohesive look.

We are now using self-adhesive paper. As a result, they may withstand a limited amount of time in ice but not water. The paper has a matte finish.
These are paper labels. Submerging in water for a sustained period of time is not advised.
Water bottles not included
This item must be ordered in multiples of 10
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