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White Acrylic Table Number - Double Digit Style
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White Acrylic Table Number Double Digit Style

White Acrylic Table Number - Double Digit Style

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ITEM # 9868-08-d04

White Acrylic Table Number Double Digit Style

This double digit style acrylic table number was created with complementary designs that can be combined however you like. Choose from the same design or integrate various designs for a unique look to your tabletop décor.
5 1/4" (L) x 1/8" (W) x 3 2/3" (H)
Acrylic - 1/8" Thick
Numbers 01 to 24 available to select from
Other designs available in black or white
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"I was so excited when I found these table numbers and they were on sale when I had bought them. However, upon arrival I was really disappointed. I haven't seen anything that detailed this on the Knot Shop, but the number portion is actually separate from the base. The slot in all the bases was cut too wide so that the number tilted over in the stand and was not upright at all. The return process was horrendous with this item. Before I bought these table numbers I asked two different customer service representatives who both told me they could be returned no problem. I kept both the transcripts of these conversation for proof, but when I tried to return the items multiple customer service people argued with me that they could not be returned because they are categorized as a "personalized" item. It eventually worked out after having to talk to a manager."

Recommends This Product: YES
Pros: Attractive Design
Cons: Awkward to Use, Not What I Expected
FROM WEDDINGSTAR: "Thank you MTRM for your feedback. We've identified the problem and have fixed it. These are custom products made in-house and so we are able to take your feedback into action right away. We are sorry for the difficult time in the return process we've follow up and shared your experience with the customer service team, it is out sincerest goal to guarantee an excellent customer service experience."

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