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Table Planning Accessories

Let's Talk Tablescapes
Table numbers, place cards, menus and more! Everything you need to make your tabescapes shine and your reception function flawlessly.

Planning is the key to ensure that your wedding goes exactly as intended. And, while there are sure to be a few bumps on your special day, our table planning accessories are the perfect way to make sure your guests know where to be when they get to your wedding. From place cards and holders to seating charts, our planning accessories are functional and stylish. With a variety of colors, themes and designs to choose from, we have something for ever wedding theme. Explore our selection and find your perfect table planning adornments to beautify and simplify your wedding day!


Table planning accessories play a crucial role in both your weddings function and as a part of your wedding décor. When you've painstakingly planned everything to fit a specific theme or color scheme, your planning accessories also have to follow suit. That's why we offer an abundance of styles and themes to choose from. With most of our wedding table numbers and place cards being a part of a larger stationery collection, you can ensure that your theme is carried throughout your special day when you incorporate the matching sets to your Weddingstar invitations or RSVP's. We even have a diverse selection of table card holders to flow with whatever your wedding style might be. From an intimate wedding to an expansive one, we have the right accessories to make your day beautiful and functional.


Making your day special is what Weddingstar is all about. We love being able to offer you customizable accessories at an affordable price, and our table planning tools are no different. Not only do we offer a wide variety of designs and styles to fit your theme or the size of your wedding, but we also offer personalization services with many of our products. Choose from a range of colors to print your table numbers in or put a special message on your place cards. With our in-house printing service, we make sure that your table plans will look gorgeous and get your guests in the right place.

Apart from having unique designs, we also pride ourselves on having an abundance of unique display features for our planning accessories. With many of our die cut cards, you can make them serve double duty as a place card and a wine charm. Our Laser Expressions Napkin Ring can be used to give guests direction and add something special to the presentation of their table. Even our place cards can be used as a way to write a little personal message to each on your guests so they know how much it means to you that their there to celebrate with you. Whatever your imagination can think of or your wedding planning demands, Weddingstar has you covered.