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Weddingstar Online Partnership Color Swatches

Weddingstar offers a number of color schemes for enhancing the design of your partnership website.

SILVER, GOLD, and DIAMOND Package Colors
With the Silver, Gold, and Diamond packages you have the choice of 86 color schemes to choose from:

default Homepage
default scheme
aquagentasand Homepage
aquagentasand scheme
aquagreen Homepage
aquagreen scheme
aqualilac Homepage
aqualilac scheme
bbg Homepage
bbg scheme
beigebrunette Homepage
beigebrunette scheme
bermudalime Homepage
bermudalime scheme
blackaquasilver Homepage
blackaquasilver scheme
blackcharcoalblue Homepage
blackcharcoalblue scheme
blackgreyapple Homepage
blackgreyapple scheme
blackpeach Homepage
blackpeach scheme
blackred Homepage
blackred scheme
blackredtan Homepage
blackredtan scheme
blackwhitepink Homepage
blackwhitepink scheme
bluebeigeolive Homepage
bluebeigeolive scheme
blueleafbrown Homepage
blueleafbrown scheme
bluesilver Homepage
bluesilver scheme
blushing Homepage
blushing scheme
blushingburgundy Homepage
blushingburgundy scheme
blushpinkgrey Homepage
blushpinkgrey scheme
bridalrewards Homepage
bridalrewards scheme
brownsalmon Homepage
brownsalmon scheme
celebration Homepage
celebration scheme
charcoalmagenta Homepage
charcoalmagenta scheme
cherrywood Homepage
cherrywood scheme
chocolateapple Homepage
chocolateapple scheme
chocolatebeige Homepage
chocolatebeige scheme
chocolateorange Homepage
chocolateorange scheme
chocolatepowderblue Homepage
chocolatepowderblue scheme
chocolateturquoise Homepage
chocolateturquoise scheme
creamyorchid Homepage
creamyorchid scheme
dreampink Homepage
dreampink scheme
dustyrosegreen Homepage
dustyrosegreen scheme
fawn Homepage
fawn scheme
flamingopinkcoffee Homepage
flamingopinkcoffee scheme
greypink Homepage
greypink scheme
greypinkblue Homepage
greypinkblue scheme
hotpinkpeach Homepage
hotpinkpeach scheme
irresistible Homepage
irresistible scheme
katipcoshadow Homepage
katipcoshadow scheme
lavenderdust Homepage
lavenderdust scheme
lightpinkmint Homepage
lightpinkmint scheme
makeup Homepage
makeup scheme
mintleafbrown Homepage
mintleafbrown scheme
monosilverblue Homepage
monosilverblue scheme
multipurple Homepage
multipurple scheme
naturalochre Homepage
naturalochre scheme
navybluebanner Homepage
navybluebanner scheme
oceana Homepage
oceana scheme
ochreyellow Homepage
ochreyellow scheme
olivegreenwhite Homepage
olivegreenwhite scheme
orangehotpink Homepage
orangehotpink scheme
orangeivy Homepage
orangeivy scheme
paynespewter Homepage
paynespewter scheme
peachblue Homepage
peachblue scheme
peachsicle Homepage
peachsicle scheme
periwinklegrey Homepage
periwinklegrey scheme
pinkchocolate Homepage
pinkchocolate scheme
pinkpolaroid Homepage
pinkpolaroid scheme
pinkrosestem Homepage
pinkrosestem scheme
pinkslate Homepage
pinkslate scheme
purpleaccents Homepage
purpleaccents scheme
redbeigeorange Homepage
redbeigeorange scheme
redbluegrey Homepage
redbluegrey scheme
rustique Homepage
rustique scheme
sagegreysky Homepage
sagegreysky scheme
sagepurple Homepage
sagepurple scheme
silverlilac Homepage
silverlilac scheme
softblue Homepage
softblue scheme
softbluegrey Homepage
softbluegrey scheme
somethingbluebrown Homepage
somethingbluebrown scheme
somethinginblue Homepage
somethinginblue scheme
sunset Homepage
sunset scheme
tealbrown Homepage
tealbrown scheme
teallavender Homepage
teallavender scheme
thebridetobegreen Homepage
thebridetobegreen scheme
tlc Homepage
tlc scheme
tonalwedgewood Homepage
tonalwedgewood scheme
treasurethismoment Homepage
treasurethismoment scheme
trigold Homepage
trigold scheme
trigreenblue Homepage
trigreenblue scheme
tripink Homepage
tripink scheme
triplepurple Homepage
triplepurple scheme
weddingpurple Homepage
weddingpurple scheme
whitered Homepage
whitered scheme
yellowgreen Homepage
yellowgreen scheme