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Season Wedding Favors

A perfect source of inspiration for your wedding can be the season you choose to hold it in. Whether you can't wait for the snow to fall every winter or your favorite thing to do all year is lay on the beach when the summer hits, we have the perfect favors to infuse the season into your wedding. Look through our expertly sorted seasonal categories to find wedding favors that even Mother Nature would approve of. From the colors of fall to the sounds of spring, you can make sure your guests are feeling the beauty of nature when you bring your seasonal theme into your wedding favors as well. Bring the wonder of nature into your wedding when you shop our favors by season!


Often times, a couple has to choose between a beautiful wedding or a beautiful budget. Luckily, at Weddingstar we think you should get to have both! That's why we make all of our wedding accessories with the notion that high quality products shouldn't be out of reach for even the most money conscious couples. That's why we manufacture many of our products directly, and without the middle man, we can pass the savings onto you. This way, you can make your wedding dreams come true without having bills that make up your nightmares! Plan your season themed wedding with pride, knowing that you're sure to get the highest quality favors at the best prices when you shop our favors by season!


Part of the beauty of nature and the changing seasons is how each one is so unique. Just as no two leaves or snowflakes are the same, you can breathe your own individuality into your seasonal wedding favors when you choose customizable ones. Simply explore our selection of favors by season and pick out those which offer the ability to personalize them with things from your wedding date to your initials. With the added touch, the beauty of nature becomes even more wondrous as you personalize it just for your big day.

The bespoke nature of the seasons is also reflected not only in our products options, but it's embedded within our products themselves. The natural world is what inspires our creations, just as it inspired the theme of your wedding. With many of our products designed in-house, you won't find these unique designs anywhere else. Build your perfect wedding with favors by season from Weddingstar.