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Summer Wedding Favors

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With things undoubtedly heating up across the board, it might be a good time to think about summer wedding favors. Available in a wide variety of styles, you're sure to find something perfect for complimenting that outdoor summer vibe even if you decide to enjoy it within range of the air conditioner.

Nothing sets off a summer night quite like candlelight. Use our botanical garden votive or sea animal glass candle holders for truly inspired summer wedding favors. Accent your place settings or centre pieces easily with these small touches to create big impact. Summer wedding favors are as much about your own personality as any of the others, so don't be afraid to get inventive, mix and match, or personalize.

Fresh flowers, lush greenery, and bold colors all speak to the season of summer. Wedding favors, more than just gifts, can be viewed as another design element in a larger theme. For this reason, it can be valuable to take the style of your tables into account as a jumping off point for deciding what summer wedding favors are ideal for you.

Other versatile and popular options include butterfly or starfish topped wine stoppers. They're perfect summer wedding favors for carrying your theme throughout your reception, and make practical gifts for your guests to take home and enjoy. If you'd like to dress them up, consider our funky felt or miniature woven beach bags. These themed summer wedding favors provide a creative option for making your gifts look even more prominent.

For novelty that's straight from the beach, have a look at our miniature folding beach chair or metal boat place makers. Use these summer wedding favors to set off a specific beach theme or compliment existing style elements. With a personalized sticker, either of these summer wedding favors can be used as one of a kind place markers or table accents. The metal boats have dual function, as you can also use them to hold the candy of your choice.

With Weddingstar at your fingertips you're sure to find the perfect summer wedding favors for your big day. Enjoy the warm weather, enjoy the sun, and enjoy planning your wedding. Summer wedding favors may just be a start, but know that we're here to help.