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Modern Wedding Favors

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Modern wedding favors reflect a fresh sense of style and novelty that speaks to couples looking to really wow their family and friends. Surprising yourself isn't a bad thing either. Use Weddingstar's extensive catalogue of accessories to facilitate your craving for inspired options and the highest quality modern wedding favors.

If you're after something that you can easily personalize, try our contemporary wire, place card, or decorator vases. These modern wedding favors are excellent for displaying small bouquets or a variety of different plant combinations with a fresh twist. With custom ribbons, place cards, or tags it's easy to add your signature touch to any table arrangement and get a one of a kind look. With sleek styling, modern wedding favors are an easy addition to make.

For women, consider our ‘Grate Shopping', ‘Filed Under Love', or ‘Read My Lips' modern wedding favors. These are clever and practical gifts. A miniature grater packaged to look like a purse, a small book of emery nail files, and a pen and sticky note set in the guise of a tube of lipstick and lip shaped notes are sure to get attention. Use these modern wedding favors to put a smile on the faces of your family and friends.

Other novel options include our bride and groom keyboard dusters, interlocking heart shaped salt and pepper shakers, or X & O ‘Perfect Pick' food picks. These modern wedding favors are versatile design accents for your tables that your guests will be able to enjoy long after your special day. Surprise your guests with any of the original modern wedding favors available to you.

With so much to choose from, it really comes down to your own style. Use novelty to your advantage and select one of our dynamic modern wedding favors to make your table really pop. Or, why not compliment an already existing style by using one of our many customizable favors for an original look.

Weddingstar prides itself on offering a premium selection of wedding accessories inspired by current and popular trends. Our modern wedding favors are a shining example of this. Have fun finding the right favor for your event.