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Popular Wedding Favors

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If having your wedding plans come together with as little stress as possible sounds good to you, consider Weddingstar's popular wedding favors. Fit for almost any style you can imagine, there's no limit to the impression that you can make. Choose any of our classic wedding favors to please even your most discerning guests.

Your decision, because of the large selection of popular wedding favors available, will ultimately come down to your own personal style. Our range of traditional wedding favors vary from candles to picture frames to various kinds of sweets – many of which can be personalized. Think about your wedding theme or the design of your tables as a place to start narrowing down which popular wedding favors are right for you.

Candy is always an easy and enjoyable option. Select any of Weddingstar's original boxes or signature containers to share the treat of your choice. These popular wedding favors are always appreciated, and thanks to the variety of candy colors available, it's easy to find one that matches your décor. Classic wedding favors are easy to achieve by adding detail to your selected containers with personalized ribbon.

Other popular wedding favors include place card holders. While simple, these traditional wedding favors add a touch of elegance to any table by clearly identifying place settings, table numbers, or a menu. Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail and you'll save yourself the hassle of worrying about who sits where on your big day. Our traditional wedding favors come in several inspired designs sure to meet your needs.

Many popular wedding favors are also some of the most classic wedding favors. To capture the candid moments, the range of reactions, and raw emotion on your wedding day, consider arming your guests with disposable wedding cameras. It's always fun seeing the results from these popular wedding favors. Your guests are sure to have fun practicing their amateur photography, at the same time providing you with an entertaining scrapbook of images from the evening – which make popular wedding favors themselves. Place these popular wedding favors on your tables with a personalized note to encourage your guests to use them.

Take comfort in any selection you make through Weddingstar. Whether you're after classic wedding favors or our more traditional wedding favors it's hard to go wrong. Our inventory is skillfully crafted and produced with the consumer in mind. Let us help you find the perfect accessories with our popular wedding favors.