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Wine Wedding Favors

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To raise a glass in honor of the bride and groom is a common tradition, so why not return the gesture to your guests with one of Weddingstar's premium wine wedding favors? From our wine glass wedding favors to our wine bottle wedding favors we do our best to provide you with the latest accessories. With options to suit varying tastes, you're sure to find something special and unique.

Use one of our many wine stopper wedding favors to thank your guests. Try our king or queen crown designs for instance, these wine stopper wedding favors are perfect for added elegance, and work well with any fantasy or regal-inspired theme. You can also select your wine bottle wedding favors to match the current season. Snowflakes, falling leaves, or butterflies are just several of the wine stopper wedding favors you can use to accent a broader concept. Your guests are sure to notice your attention to detail and will likely enjoy years of use from these thoughtful wine wedding favors.

Or why not opt for convenient and practical coasters? These gifts associated with our wine wedding favors are an easy way to add dimension to a variety of styles. Our ‘Fall in Love' cork bottomed coasters have a vibrant leaf pattern that will make them pop on any table setting. These wine wedding favors are also great for an autumn theme. Use them as individual gifts or décor on your tables; they make the perfect accessories along with wine bottle wedding favors or wine glass wedding favors.

We also feature ‘Something Blue' glass coasters, which come in sets of four. Individually they feature one word, but when stacked they pay tribute to the ‘something old, new, used, blue' adage. These wine wedding favors are great for pairing with any signature wine or glassware that you choose. Wine bottle wedding favors and wine glass wedding favors can be enhanced and further tailored to your event by including something as simple as these coasters.

If you're fortunate to have your wedding outdoors in the country or on a vineyard, nothing helps accent the natural surroundings quite like the perfect wine wedding favors. While it may seem like a small gesture, wine bottle wedding favors or wine glass wedding favors actually become a strong element of your overall design. The number and repetition of these wine wedding favors easily create a statement.

The category of wine wedding favors simply refers to all the random elements that can be used with, that compliment, or that relate to wine products. Items like our wine stopper wedding favors or wine bottle wedding favors are great last minute additions because they can be incorporated easily into so many designs. Keep an open mind when searching out your ideal wine wedding favors because of this. Get creative and use Weddingstar to your full advantage.