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Disposable Wedding Cameras

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Single use disposable wedding cameras are a great way to ensure that you capture all the special moments of your wedding. Placed at the front of your reception venue or on every table, your guests get the thrill of playing photographer while you ensure that there is always a camera on hand. With so many photographers around you'll get every picture-worthy moment of your wedding day shot from the perspectives of your guests and your photographer.


Single use disposable wedding cameras are an affordable way to supplement your wedding photographer or use of professional cameras. Allow your friends and family to capture what’s important to them on your big day without the worry of having expensive equipment that could easily get damaged during the festivities. Our 24-exposure disposable wedding cameras have a built in flash, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor photography. What makes them especially well suited to photograph your wedding is that they are specifically designed to capture all those little moments that otherwise are so often missed. With their ease of use, versatility and affordability everyone can help you create keepsakes of your big day.


One of the best options for placement of your disposable wedding cameras is to set up a table filled with them as guests enter your reception venue. This way, they're in plain sight of your family and friends as they arrive at your reception. With a central location, guests feel free to grab a camera and start snapping photos of their own arrivals, while your photographer is focused on you. With the ability to allow guests to take their own pictures, you make sure that your keepsakes will include not only you and your partner, but all of your guests as well. To let everyone know that you want them to participate in photographing your wedding, simply place a short note on the table asking your guests to take a snapshot of their table during the reception, as well as whatever else you want to see. This way, even though many guests will bring their own cameras, you can get your own set of photos without trying to get them from every attendee after the wedding.

Weddingstar is here to help you find all the accessories you need to make your wedding picture-perfect. So when you’re planning your wedding remember that in addition to hiring a professional photographer, disposable wedding cameras are a great way to capture the little details that may otherwise get missed.