Shot Glasses

Unique Shot Glasses - Custom Styles & More

Can picking out a shot glass be a fun experience? It sure can when you shop our Weddingstar shot glass collection.

Whether you’re looking for shot glasses for a wedding-themed party, a graduation party, a birthday bash or another special occasion, we’ve got a nice variety of styles for you. Some of our styles can be customized and others provide a touch of unique design for any occasion. Outstanding design and quality are what you get with us, and our shot glasses can be given as gifts, handed out as party favors or used for specific special events. Choose one style, or several, that meet your barware needs.
Our classic shot glass styles come in familiar shapes and sizes and those made of quality clear glass are easy to personalize. Find glasses with specific themes and those you can customize with one or more initials. We have short, tall and wide styles, and even a few fun novelty styles for revving up the fun at parties.