Full Color Printed Hand Fan Template File Downloads

Use the template file as a guide for your design when using a program such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Upload your design on the product page when you're finished.

Circle Hand Fan Template

Medallion Hand Fan Template

Hexagon Hand Fan Template

OR - To save the template, right-click the button and use "Save Link As" to download the .PNG file

Full Color Logo + Image Upload Guidelines

To prevent order delays caused by artwork discrepancies we suggest:

  • High resolution images / logos
  • High contrast between logo and background
  • Images with large fonts
  • Centering your artwork and arranging it to reach edge-to-edge
Upload example with no bleed and misalignment Upload example with no bleed and misalignment

No Bleed / Misaligned 

Design must go to outside solid line to avoid being off center with unnecessary white borders.

Upload example with poor contrast, small fonts, and a border Upload example with poor contrast, small fonts, and a border

Poor Contrast / Small Fonts / Border

Design has poor contrast between colors/elements  and uses small fonts. Design includes a border element that is close to the edge, which is at risk of being uneven or being cut off due to the cutting process.

Upload example with poor quality Upload example with poor quality

Not Pixelated / Bad Quality

Design is pixelated and poor quality. Low resolution files will appear blurry and pixelated.

Upload example with high quality, high contrast, large fonts, and good alignment Upload example with high quality, high contrast, large fonts, and good alignment

Logo is a clean graphic with large fonts

High contrast between logo and background

Good quality, high resolution image/logo.

Artwork is centered and fills entire space

How to Upload Your Logo or Image

Part 1: Uploading an image

This is a versatile upload allowing for photos, logos, or artwork. Use this upload as you see fit. 

  1. First, click the "Upload File..." button located under the "ADD LOGO OR IMAGES" heading
  2. Select your artwork file from your computer and click OPEN
  3. Once you’ve uploaded your artwork, your image will appear in the preview layout with an editing toolbar located underneath

File format and dimensions are listed below the quantity box under LOGO / IMAGE GUIDELINES.

NOTE: If your artwork is not of high enough quality or is in the incorrect file format an error message will appear indicating a new file is required.

Part 2: Editing an uploaded image

Once your artwork has uploaded it will fill the entire photo box. To manipulate your image, there are 2 methods available: 

Manual Editing

  1. Click and drag the artwork to change the position
  2. Select the artwork to reveal a border with adjustment handles that can be used to size the image or rotate the image freely.

Image Editing Toolbar

The image editing toolbar contains various image editing functions.

Editing toolbar

  1. Image Selector (where applicable) - This will switch the selected image when there is more than one image on the product. The image that is currently selected is indicated by a black outline box.
  2. Zoom Out - This will make your image smaller
  3. Zoom In - This will make your image larger
  4. Rotate - This rotates your image counterclockwise
  5. Right Arrow - This moves your image to the right
  6. Left Arrow - This moves your image to the left
  7. Down Arrow - This moves your image down
  8. Up Arrow - This moves your image up

Removing An Image

If you are unhappy with the preview for a specific product you can clear the image and upload different artwork.

  1. Select the "X" to clear the image
  2. Click the "Upload File..." button again to upload a different image and repeat the editing process above

Cut Lines, Bleed Lines, Safe Zone Lines

The following are guidelines that we provide for your reference to ensure that all important image, text, and design elements will be included on your finished product. Because of the nature of production, unavoidable shifting of the paper will occur during the cutting process that may cause slight shifts in the alignment of your file.

  • ___ Bleed Lines - For full color products that include an edge-to-edge image layout, the artwork must extend to the the dark blue outside line completely in order to avoid white edges on the product. Appropriate bleed along the edges will ensure that there are no white edges where the cut has occurred outside the edge of the print on the finished product
  • ----- Cut Lines - A dotted fuchsia pink line indicates the cut line for the product. When the product is cut down during production, this is where the cuts will approximately be placed. This line will shift somewhat during the cutting process. If your product has an edge-to-edge print, it is important that the edge of your image extends past the cut line to the dark blue bleed line.
  • ------ Safe Zone Lines - A dotted cyan blue line indicates the "safe zone" area for the product. Any critical image or text details must be within this area to avoid being cut off in production during alignment shifts during the cutting process. For example, if you upload an image that has people, cropping your image so that a person's head sits outside the dotted blue safe zone line may result in part of the head being cut off.
  • ///// Overlap Lines - Some image upload products will contain additional overlap lines. These show the areas to avoid arranging your image, preventing your image from being covered. For example, a product like a water bottle label will overlap on the back side when it is applied. The area where the overlap will occur is indicated by the overlap lines.
Upload example - inadequate bleed Upload example - inadequate bleed

  The edge of the image sits directly on the cut line / sits past the cut line, but does not touch the bleed line

Upload example - important elements outside the safe zone Upload example - important elements outside the safe zone

Important image details and text extend beyond the safe zone and are too close to the cut line

Upload example - Adequate bleed and all important elements are within the safe zone Upload example - Adequate bleed and all important elements are within the safe zone

All important elements are within the safe zone and the edges of the image / artwork reach the bleed line

Logo Image File Types and Quality


  • Ensure your image is in .JPEG . JPG or .PNG file format
    • JPEG and JPG files will most commonly include photos that have been taken by a camera, such as a digital camera, a phone, or a scanner
    • PNG files are a common export type for digital design programs, such as Illustrator or browser-based design applications
  • The quality of your finished product is directly affected by the resolution/size of your uploaded image. Please refer to the minimum image size indicated for each product. This is located on the product page under LOGO / IMAGE GUIDELINES
  • We do not recommend images with borders due to cut alignment shifting, as this could result in uneven borders that are not perfectly centered
  • We do not recommend screenshots, as the quality will not be as high as original images

NOTE: If your artwork does not meet the minimum requirements, it will not be accepted into the preview layout. You can either select a higher quality image or choose an alternative product with smaller image size requirements.