Photo / Logo Upload Customization and Editing

Check out these quick how-to's and tips for customizing photo upload products.


Choose Print Format

  • White Border (Flexible Layout) - This format will allow you more editing freedom, where you have the ability to shrink your image / artwork within the safe zone, if you choose. There will be a white border along the edge of your print.
  • Full Edge To Edge Print - This format will lock in the minimum size of your image / artwork to our required size for this type of print. You will not be able to shrink your image / artwork within the edges of the product, but you can still enlarge and move your image / artwork within the layout. Your print will reach the edges of the product.

How to add a photo - Part 1: Uploading an image

  1. First, click the "Upload..." button located under the ADD PHOTO heading
  2. Next, select your photo from your computer and click OPEN button
  3. Once your photo has uploaded, you will see your photo in the preview layout with an editing toolbar located underneath

If your photo is not a high enough quality or the wrong file format an error message will appear for you to adjust your photo selection.

File format and dimension information are listed below the quantity box under PHOTO GUIDELINES.

How to add a photo - Part 2: Editing an uploaded image

  1. Once your photo has uploaded and been inserted it will fill entire photo box
  2. Click and drag the photo to change the positioning
  3. Select the photo to reveal an outline edge with circle corners that can be used to size the image or rotate the image freely
  4. For more precision you can also use the photo editing toolbar located underneath the preview layout

Photo Editing Toolbar

The photo editing toolbar contains various photo editing functions. From left to right:

  1. Zoom Out - This will make your photo smaller
  2. Zoom In - This will make your photo larger
  3. Rotate - This rotates your photo counterclockwise
  4. Right Arrow - This moves your photo to the right
  5. Left Arrow - This moves your photo to the left
  6. Down Arrow - This moves your photo down
  7. Up Arrow - This moves your photo up

Clearing A Photo

If you are unhappy with the photo preview for a specific product you can clear the photo and upload a different photo.

  1. Select the "X" to clear the photo
  2. Next, click the "Upload...." button again to upload a different photo and to go through the same editing steps

Cut Lines, Bleed Lines, Safe Zone Lines

  • ___ Product Edge - This solid blue line indicates the edge of the product eg. the napkin edge
  • ----- Print Safe Zone - A dotted fuchsia line indicates the guaranteed printable area for the product. Any critical image or text details must be well within this dotted line to avoid being cut off in production

Text Print Colors Overlapping Photos

  • Photo designs where text is overlapping a photo there will be an option of a dark text print color or a light text print color
  • Select the best contrasting text print color to coordinate with your photograph

Photo File Types and Quality

  • At this time we only accept .JPG or .PNG files for photo based layouts
  • The minimum quality of the photo will be indicated under PHOTO GUIDELINES
  • If your photo does not meet the minimum requirements it will not be accepted into the preview layout
  • Select a better quality image or a different product that will allow a smaller minimum quality