Flower Girl Baskets

Classic and Unique Flower Girl Baskets for Weddings

Watching a flower girl sprinkle flower petals down the aisle before the bride makes her appearance is one of the most time-honored wedding traditions. Because of this, you'll want to make sure that the flower girl basket is as beautiful as can be. Instead of using a regular basket, invest in a keepsake that you can cherish long after the wedding is over with customizable flower girl baskets from Weddingstar. These baskets come in styles that perfectly coordinate with the rest of your wedding, whether it's a rustic, barn-style affair or something romantic and vintage-inspired. Opt for a classic wedding flower basket for a more traditional wedding or choose from our selection of non-traditional flower girl baskets. With all of our different color and style options, you'll be sure to find the petal holder that perfectly matches your dream wedding.

Weddingstar carries all kinds of flower girl baskets designed especially for holding fresh flower petals in styles that can be personalized with your own designs. Our classic flower girl baskets and wedding petal holders feature traditional basket shapes with long handles. Each one is wrapped in soft satin, velvet or gauzy material to give them a look that perfectly blends in with the flower girl's dress. Many of these baskets are decorated with long, white ribbons and embellished rhinestones. Some feature prints while others are embellished with lace detailing and ribbons. You'll even find options that you can have customized with your name, the date of your wedding or a quote like, "And they lived happily ever after…."

For something a bit more ornate, Weddingstar offers flower girl petal baskets in bold, bright colors to coordinate with your wedding's theme. You can also opt for textured details like dramatic lace, velvet and organza sashes. If you want to take a non-traditional route and choose a fun flower girl basket that any little lady would love to carry, go with a decorative basket inspired by vintage picnic baskets, a wicker basket covered in faux moss or a shabby chic metal flower girl basket that will look adorable as she pulls petals from inside. These unique flower girl baskets are ideal for matching a specialized wedding theme. Use them for a rustic wedding, a Western wedding or a nature-themed wedding. No matter which petal holder you choose for your wedding, your little flower girl is sure to look adorable as she tosses petals down the aisle.