Fabric & Sequin Backdrops

Fabric & Sequin Backdrops

One of our fabric or sequined backdrops can be a beautiful accent for your party venue, not just for photobooth staging. 

They’re perfect if you’re looking for an inexpensive visual accent that can bring the party venue to life in new and exciting ways. Trendy and functional, you can hang them on the wall tapestry-style as a decorative feature or across doorways to disguise unwanted, unattractive entrances at the party venue. If you have a portable hanging frame that you can hang the backdrop on, you can place it at different, creative spots around the room. You can arrange it as a stunning visual backdrop to the dessert table or use it as a temporary way to break up a larger space and create a more organized or intimate atmosphere.

Sequins are always fun to add extra sparkle and shine to your party decor. Available in a range of colors that complement several of color schemes and décor styles, you can dress up weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more with our collection of fabric backdrops. Our printed backdrops are more understated —the clean white of the backdrop displaying lovely sayings that don’t detract from the printed design. Not only will they add a charming splash of beauty, but the reusable party decorations are also available at a cheap price that makes using them an easy choice for your background needs.

Whether set up specifically as a photo booth background or a venue decoration, they will still enhance any photos taken at the party. The multiple fabulous ways to use the decoration further proves why backdrops have become such a stylish party accessory.