Photo Gifts

Custom Photo Gifts

If you're tired of generic gifts and want to create something memorable, our photo gifts category is filled with unique photo gift ideas to spark your interest. We have an expanding selection of popular gift products and stationery items you can personalize with your own photos or design images. All of which can be customized to fit any person, occasion, or home. All have wide-ranging uses, from birthdays to weddings, Christmas holidays, or memorials. Custom photo gifts are an inexpensive way to appreciate a loved one and celebrate important events. With no minimum quantities required for many of the products, you are not limited by package count or bulk quantities. You can get exactly as many as you need to meet your own personal requirements or guest count. 

For our photo gifts, we offer two upload options. The first is our customizable collections, where you select one of our adaptable designs you can add your own photo and text to. If you're not a talented designer and don't have the ability, time, or tools to create an image and text design, ours are a great option. The designs are created by in-house graphic designers with the knowledge and skill to produce stunning, personalized arrangements. The second option is our innovative custom upload alternative, it allows you to upload a full design you've created yourself. If you have your own vision or a specific concept in mind, we’ve made it possible for you to upload your creation. It's that easy. With the open uploads, the personalization possibilities are endless. You can match surrounding décor, color schemes, motifs, and more. While a photo or picture can be used, the photo gifts provide a platform to showcase your graphic design talents. It’s not just for photos of people, pets, or family portraits; the upload can be a scenic photograph you’re particularly pleased with, a captured memory, or a piece of art. 

Upload Your Own Photo, Picture, or Design Image

Creating photo gifts has never been easier. The upload process is simple and requires very little preparation on your part. The key to achieving the best printed result is to use a high-quality file image. We accept both .JPEG and .PNG files. Once you have selected your image, you upload it to the preview tool, where you make the final adjustments. Using the tool, you can resize and arrange the file image to best fill the allotted space. It also provides you with your first good look at the final product. 
If you’re using one of our Weddingstar designs, you can see how your photo or image looks when paired together with the style or color scheme of the design. Some designs offer color options that you can adjust to find the one that compliments your image. You can even decide against the design or your image and try out an alternative. For the open upload, you can see how your custom design interacts with the shape or style of the photo gift and adjust the original file if necessary. It also provides you with the opportunity to consider print factors that you may have neglected when creating your design. Factors like the print bleed that occurs during printing. Cut and bleed guidelines are provided in the preview, which provides important placement information and prevents elements of your photo or design from getting cut off during production.

Different personalization techniques are available for different products. Each photo item has been tested to discover the best personalization method for the material or surface. We have established a diverse range of techniques from well-established full-color printing methods to newer heat press capabilities like sublimation. These methods let us add your unique designs and photo imagery to a wider selection of products. We also take into consideration the best means of personalizing the gift item. Whether a single-sided printing will be the best surface, if it is capable of displaying two-sided prints, or will be able to handle a wraparound design. Simplifying the process for you even further.

Take your Gifts to the Next Level

We're excited by our new photo collections and the variety they introduce to our personalized gift selection. And we want you to be excited, too. Because they're completely customizable, you can go beyond a standard canvas print and explore new, unique photo gift ideas. Not only do they allow you to show your loved ones how much you care, but they can also help keep memories alive and part of your day-to-day life.

Affordable and custom, add a personal touch to any gifting occasion. Our selection includes useful, practical gifts like mugs, home décor items like pillows, or fun accessories like tote bags. Photo gifts can be for anyone for any occasion. Whether you’re searching for wedding gifts for a bride and groom, Birthday presents for family and friends, Christmas presents for under the tree, and more. We have lots of options for Mom on Mother's Day or Dad on Father's Day. Plus, don’t forget about the grandparents. Photo printed gifts are a great way to share your favorite pictures of your kids with them in new and interesting ways. The upload process offers a lot of freedom in how you choose to personalize the gift. Use the person as inspiration for a custom design, bring a shared joke to life, or select photos that mean the most to you. Custom photo gifts are awesome because they can take a captured moment and transform it into a treasured item.

Photo gifts are also a meaningful way to honor a lost loved one. Memorial photo gifts can help keep your loved one in your thoughts and hearts. A favorite photo or snapshot of a special memory can transform simple gift items into a special keepsake.

With them, you can also show your love for a pet and cherish their memory with a customized photo gift, like a pet memorial pillow. They're only in our lives for a short time, and a photo item can be a nice, loving reminder of the joy they have brought into our lives. They also provide a way to keep them close even when they're no longer there themselves.

Put Your Picture on It: Event Favors and Party Extras

We also offer a series of event-related products you can customize with photos and other images. These are perfect for weddings, showers, birthdays, reunions, and community events. The selection includes small gifts and stationery items, such as flat greeting cards, water bottle labels, playing cards, and stickers to customize favor packaging. Best of all, this wide-ranging selection of items have various uses and can be repurposed to cover different event needs. By uploading a new custom design, you can use the same cards for invitations, RSVPs, or thank-you’s for any event. Alternative uses include a dinner menu or printed program to inform guests of the evening's schedule. Photo printed stickers let you put a photo on virtually anything and can be added to your stationery or used as a label to personalize party favors.

We have photo customized items the fulfill other party planning aspects as well. Partyware like custom photo napkins and coasters to add a personal touch to the smallest details of your event. Keep your pet involved in the festivities. We have even created pet-themed designs you can use at wedding receptions or other wedding-related events. Add a photo of your dog or cat to napkins or coasters to show off your best boy or girl.

Don’t forget the party favors. Our expanding selection is filled with favor ideas for your guests. Cool, cheap-priced favor gifts that are easy wins during the party planning stages. Photo personalized matchboxes are a great way to modernize the classic wedding favor. Less traditional options are available, too. Photo printed playing cards are a good multi-purpose guest favor that’s exciting for guests of all ages and works well for other events. Using photo personalized favors lets you show off pictures from an engagement shoot in less traditional, inexpensive ways about the venue or share snapshots showcasing adventures from your life together.