Travel Tags & Passport Covers

Travel Tags & Passport Covers - Leather & Card Stock

Help your party guests say bon voyage to identification hassles while traveling with our collection of luggage tags and passport covers.

Luggage tags make it easy to find and keep track of luggage as it moves from one place to another. They also make it easy to identify what pieces of luggage belong to which traveler at a glance. That’s invaluable when traveling by plane, boat or train. Choose sturdy paper tags in decorative designs, genuine leather tags or tags made of faux leather. Some tag designs can be personalised with initials for added identification.
Another gift item appreciated by many who travel are passport covers. We offer contemporary passport cover gift sets for couples on the go. These faux leather covers are easy to carry in a bag and they have inside pockets for holding a passport that needs to be shown upon arrival to a destination. Ideal for newlyweds going on a honeymoon or any couple who enjoys traveling.