For the Host & Hostess

Host and Hostess

Some are the life of the party, while others are where the party is at. To them, it’s as simple as, why go looking for fun when the fun can come to you? These men and women thrive in a house full of people. They’re always down for company and can have an array of snacks ready at a moment’s notice, and when they don’t have guests, it’s because they’re planning a less impromptu visit. We’ve put together all of our top-tier entertaining gifts for that host or hostess.

Say Thank You with Style

If you dislike showing up empty-handed to parties and want to get creative with your thank you gift, check out our interest gift category for the host and hostess. Not every host or hostess likes wine or even drinks alcohol. That’s where our gift guide can be your go-to for cool, creative, and inexpensive alternatives to say a special thanks.

Even when a spur-of-the-moment invite transforms into a full-on party, it requires a lot of effort, from the prep work to the party and the cleanup afterward, especially when it’s a larger event like a bridal shower, bachelorette, or birthday where you are celebrating a milestone occasion or person. Decisions must be made, from the overall theme and decorations to the menu, drinks, venue, occasion date, and more. Then when the date of the party finally arrives, you have to execute! After all the time and planning, show the host your appreciation with something unique to enhance their array of host tools and find your way to add to the night’s fun!

Housewarming - New Hosting Gear for a New Place

Our selection isn’t just to say thank you, either. The gifts in this category work great if you want to welcome a host into their new home, like our personalized serving and cutting boards that can be used to serve guests but also be part of a decorative display on countertops. Cute custom printed candles can help to create a homey atmosphere in the new space. Personalize their living room space with embroidered throw blankets and custom throw pillows. Alternatively, we’ve included a selection of glassware and drinkware to upgrade their hosting sets with newer, key pieces- Trendy glassware that makes a statement on the table. These are small, unique ways to help your host or hostess put their stamp on the new home and items they can use when entertaining future guests.

Holiday Entertaining, Casual Gatherings, or Well-Planned Functions

There are endless party settings and occasions to celebrate. That’s why we’ve included a wide range of trendy, useful, and modern host and hostess gifts. Backyard barbecues in the summer, thanksgiving dinner with the family, an intimate dinner party with friends, or a stay overnight to skip the hotel, there are small, cute extras to say thank you. Our selection includes personalized options to help them add their signature style to any gathering with trendy partyware to make hosting opportunities easier. There are even decorative options to add to the overall atmosphere of their home. Casual or formal entertaining, elegant or relaxed atmosphere, themed or spontaneous, our ultimate host and hostess gift guide has items they can use in any party setting. Explore our to find the right gift to help them set an elegant table for a dinner party or prepare for an informal, appetizer-style setting where guests will be snacking throughout the evening, like a Super Bowl party.