Beach & Pool Floaties

Beach and Pool Floaties

Skip the boat and stay afloat with our collection of beach and pool floaties. 

With these contemporary inflatables, there is never a dull moment once you take them to the pool party or beach bash. Made of durable PVC material, each floatie holds one adult or one child when fully inflated. Our whimsical floaties are great for kids and teens, but most designs can also add inflatable fun to adults only parties. We’ve got floaties for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, barbecues and any type of get-together that takes place near water.

How much fun is it to float on a large engagement ring? Find out with our giant ring floatie. Our tropical floatie turns a pool into an island resort experience. You can also have a blast floating on a pair of giant lips, an oversized seashell or a humungous piece of fruit. These floaties can rev up the good times and the attention-getting appeal of your party photos.