Choose a Seat, Not a Side Signs

‘Choose a Seat, Not a Side’ Wedding Signage 

Wedding signage will elevate your wedding décor in a variety of ways. 

Not only is it a functional and decorative option, but the designs at Weddingstar are endless. Add a photo, choose a metallic finish, or create your own custom message. We have just the thing to make your wedding ceremony and reception a little more personal and unique. The messaging is even custom and personalized!

From modern customized wedding signs with a minimalist feel to rustic casual for weddings with a more natural vibe, you'll find exactly what you're looking for here! Not sure where to add signs to your wedding? We're here to help you plan it all out.

Signage is a wonderful way to greet your guests and welcome them to your special day. They instantly know they've arrived at the right event, and it gives them a warm welcome for the upcoming celebration The ‘choose a seat, not a side, we’re all family now once the knot is tied’ messaging lets them know that they can be seated anywhere they wish. It provides a sense of unity with the two of you coming together as 1 family.  

This message can be stated on a wooden sign, acrylic sign, or even a paper poster design. Maybe you prefer a chalkboard finish. We can do that too! Our selection of wedding sign designs can be paired with any of our signage frames or easel stands. It might be just the finishing touch you need for a custom, inexpensive décor piece.