Unity Sand Sets

Wedding Sand Ceremony Kits - Unity Sand

The wedding sand ceremony is perhaps one of the most popular, albeit nontraditional, ways to symbolize the joining of two hearts during a wedding ceremony. If you love the idea of incorporating these special unity ceremony kits into your nuptials, Weddingstar will help simplify the process with one of our low-cost eternity sand kits that will bring a stylish, symbolic feel to your special ceremony. Choose from a wide range of sweet, statement-making wedding sand ceremony kits complete with modern, traditional and unique vases. Each unity sand ceremony kit from Weddingstar includes everything you need to incorporate this contemporary tradition into your vows.Each unity sand kit comes with three containers — one to represent you, one to represent your spouse-to-be and one to house the sand mixed together to represent the two of you — that can be beautifully displayed on the alter surrounding by flowers and other decor. Many of our unity sand vases can be custom-engraved for a keepsake-worthy memento. These wedding sand ceremony kits can be accompanied by a sweet poem or reading from your favorite book for a ceremony that's tailor-made to you and your spouse-to-be. You can even ask your children or a special family member to join in the ceremony when you choose a style with an extra vase.We also have affordable unity sand in a huge selection of colors to help bring your signature ceremony addition to life and to match your individual wedding theme. Customize your unity sand kit with sand in a broad range of colors, including natural-colored sand — perfect for rustic and coastal wedding themes — and bright colors like pink, green, orange or yellow. Need more ideas for how to make your wedding sand ceremony kit unique? Make sure to read Weddingstar's guide to making your unity sand ceremony personal.