More Unique Wedding Favors

More Unique Wedding Favours

There are many facets to consider when party planning, like guest favors. With so many different concepts and idea boards available, a small decision like whether or not to pick out traditional favors or choose a unique favor set can send you into a party planning tailspin. You might be agonizing over how to present the favors or having difficulty matching your chosen favors to your theme. On this page, you will find unique little favor extras to help add a finished polish to the overall aesthetic of your party venue. We’ve even got unique favor holders and containers to properly hold and beautifully display different favor styles. 

Whether you're looking for a special table favor to delight your guests or that small décor accent to pull the look of your table together. These inexpensive supplementary products are suited to various design schemes and themes to help make the venue match your vision.

We've got high-end favors to fit a contemporary look, natural elements to pair with botanical greenery themes, rustic table décor to complement your country charm decor or elegant favors for a chic traditional decor scheme. Whatever the atmosphere you're trying to create, we've got unique products to match, even some you haven't thought of yet. Like our unique collection of containers and packaging that can be used to serve different roles depending on your needs. Hold small gifts, goodies, candies, or homemade treats in special wedding matched boxes. We even have cute, helpful extras guests can take home with them and use around the house. With these extra favor items, you can enhance the overall appearance of your venue and celebrate your wedding reception, anniversary date, birthday party, or graduation in style, whatever your style is.