Romantic Bride & Groom Cake Toppers

Romantic Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

Our romantic bride and groom porcelain cake toppers are anything but traditional. These beautiful figurines feature couples who are clearly in love. Rather than being stiff and formal, they've been captured while kissing, locked in a loving embrace or in a dramatic dance move. An elegant and warm alternative to the classic husband and wife figures, these wedding cake toppers convey love, commitment and intimacy, and they will definitely attract attention and delight your guests.Choose from a formally dressed couple leaning in for a kiss (with playful flowers and a balloon), a dancing couple in a romantic dip or a couple close together, under an umbrella. There's a rustic style couple meeting across a fence, a couple together in a rowboat and a pair of lovers about to take a trip, with a suitcase at their feet. From a kissing couple to a Western theme to a whimsical, casual pose, one of these sweet scenes is guaranteed to speak to you directly as the perfect representation of your love and commitment.Our romantic wedding cake toppers are highly customizable. Depending on the topper style, you can choose bride and groom hair colors, skin tone, the bride's shoe color or dress color. We also have interchangeable True Romance bride and groom cake toppers, with various themes and skin tones, so that they can best represent the happy couple.It is this kind of detail and personalization that makes Weddingstar your trusted partners for your wedding decor and accessories. With a wide selection of stationary, favors, gifts, ceremony accessories, table decorations, reception decor and much more, we'll help you create the wedding of your dreams.